What type of carpet should I buy?

Depending on the area in the home. It is generally accepted that a lighter weight quality is suitable for Bedrooms, whilst a heavier weight should be used in areas of higher use such as Living Rooms, Hallways, Staircases & Landings.

Where the same carpet is required for a complete house then the heavier carpet should be used throughout.


Do I need an underlay?

Yes. The use of a good quality underlay is recommended to go under all carpets.

In some cases, where carpets are manufactured on a felt back these can be used without an underlay, but an underlay should be used on stairs.


Should I have the carpet professionally fitted?

Definitely, and for the following reasons:


Ensures that:

  1. the pile direction is run in accordance with recommended practices
  2. waste is kept to a minimum.
  3. the correct widths are used in each area.

The above can only be carried by expert, properly trained people.

Our company, with almost four decades of trading behind it can assure clients that it is able to provide such services.


Unless you have the correct carpet fitting tools and some previous experience it is not advisable to attempt to fit a carpet oneself.

Carpet fitting is often an underrated trade. One of the main causes of wear in carpets results from them not being properly stretched. A professional carpet fitter will ensure that the carpet is fitted to the correct tension.


How should I maintain my Carpet?

Use a good quality vacuum cleaner every day to remove surplus grime to avoid damaging fibres.

The use of an upright cleaner with a beater bar is recommended with all cut pile carpets, while a suction cleaner is recommended to use with loop pile carpets.

Always use a professional cleaning company to clean your carpets rather than attempting to shampoo them yourself.


Should I have my Carpet protected with Scotchguard?

Yes. The product we sell makes the stain removal easier, and also provides a 5 year guarantee that should the carpet be stained, and the stain cannot be removed, then the carpet would be replaced Free of Charge.

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